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We strive to help you increase the efficiency of your company without risking quality. We help you source, manage and retain dedicated talent in any area while keeping quality at the forefront. We have highly qualified, Fortune 500-trained professionals for all your business needs.

Take a look at just some of the areas we cover.


Your data is your “secret sauce” and you need to keep it reliable, accurate and up-to-date. We can provide associates who can help you digitize, archive, store, manage, and retrieve your data and documents so they are always ready to serve your business. 

  • Maintain your database with new customer/account information

  • Transfer and combine data from source documents into your database

  • Correct inconsistencies in your data

  • Eliminate unnecessary information to prevent redundancies

  • Obtain missing data for incomplete documents

  • Check the finished output for accuracy

  • Access relevant files to retrieve information when requested

  • Comply with your company’s procedures, systems, and data protection rules

Make your customer service truly personal. Our inbound associates will provide information and assistance about your products and services in a way that’s credible, patient, and entirely focused on what your customers need. 

  • Connect with your customers via phone, live chat or email

  • Answer customer inquiries about your product/service

  • Learn and maintain a deep understanding of your product/service to resolve inquiries and problems

  • Give pricing and delivery information

  • Process requests and orders along with forms and applications

  • Know what’s causing issues and recommend the best solutions

  • Escalate requests and unresolved issues to the appropriate team/personnel

  • Process, update, and close customer accounts

  • Record inquiries, comments, and complaints along with the appropriate actions taken to respond to and resolve them

  • Up-sell/cross-sell based on your customers’ profile and needs

  • Provide your customers with a great sales experience

  • Prepare product/service reports

Secure the operational efficiency of your clients’ systems, hardware, and software. And most importantly, get your customers up and running again. Our associates will deliver knowledgable support to ensure a better user experience for your customers.  

  • Provide technical and troubleshooting assistance through phone, email, chat or remote

  • Install and modify computer hardware and software

  • Troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve problems related to operating systems, hardware, software, and other technical products

  • Record issues and actions taken to resolve those issues

Connect to your customer where and when it matters most to them. Deliver effective, targeted advertising through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. 

Content Marketing

  • Regularly update your company website, blog, forum, social media pages, and other relevant content distribution channels with new content

  • Develop targeted content for your ads,  articles, infographics, and other materials

Social Media Marketing

  • Develop, implement and manage social media strategy

  • Track and manage metrics and social media KPIs

  • Manage and oversee social media content

  • Monitor SEO and user engagement and suggest content optimization

Search Engine Optimization/Marketing

  • Increase site traffic and improve search engine ranking for your pages with keyword research and keyword-rich content

  • Identify our buyer persona to better target identified audiences

  • Ensure the content is accurate, error-free, and consistent with your brand and voice

  • Always optimize content for both search and social

  • Track and improve site performance using metrics & KPIs

Web designers and developers that can work with any technology and language to plan, create and update websites.  

Web Development 

  • Front-end, Back-end, Full-Stack, etc.
  • Design, build, and maintain the look and feel of your site
  • Design site navigation, user access, payment systems, and security
  • Enhance the user experience with video, sound or animation elements
  • Recommend and test site solutions
  • Track and improve site performance with plugins

Graphics and Web Design

  • Create visually compelling content for your site, social media, and other relevant content distribution channels
  • Develop a design brief based on what your business needs
  • Execute designs consistent with your voice and brand
  • Enhance your site’s user experience with design features and elements

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