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You may have some questions regarding our services. We’re happy to help. We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions below for you to review. 


We engage in aA strategic partnership in which your company creates a dedicated full-time teaman offshore satellite office in the Philippines with EnfraUSA. We handle all the details, from hiring and operations to infrastructure and regulations, so that you can focus on the core of your business, reduce cost or simply make your life easier.

Your business and employee are yours. EnfraUSA simply helps you establish a your team offshore by recruiting, managing and retaining your employees. 

You are responsible for telling us what you need for your team, interviewing the candidates you’ve selected from our carefully sourced list, training the candidates in your business processes and keeping them informed of all things in your business. 

EnfraUSA is responsible for recruiting candidates based on your needs, aiding in the interview and training process, handling facilities and technology (work station, lounge areas, computer, internet, programs) IT support, quality assessments, performance management, labor laws, payroll, HR, and employee engagement activities.

Compared to the United States, the cost of living in the Philippines is dramatically lower. Labor and occupancy costs are approximately 74% lower than that in the US.

Almost any role can be filled! Remember, this is an extension of your business. We have experienced recruiting and HR staff and access to quality, Fortune-500 trained professionals to help you fill almost any role.

Your new employee(s) should be ready to begin work in as little as 2 weeks after you start the process. 

After discovering what roles and skills you need, we source, carefully screen and recruit candidates. Highly technical positions will require more sourcing and assessment time, while most positions will require 1-2 weeks. Once you’ve interviewed and selected your employee(s), we set them up within our state-of-the-art office facilities, and they begin training and working with you.

Yes! One of the official national languages is English (the other being Tagalog) and it is used everywhere, from school to professional work environments, even the market! And, as a former US colony with lasting ties to America, the Philippines has great exposure to American culture. Furthermore, Filipinos are incredibly friendly and place great importance on ensuring others are accommodated as part of their unique culture.

We’ve already placed experienced professionals, all you need to do is provide them with insights and information specific to your business and their role in it.

You can train your employee on your services, products, processes and software, and advise them on the people they’ll be interacting with from the onshore office and customers or clients. Communicating clear tasks and responsibilities is important, as is keeping that line of communication open. With our outsourcing model, your Account Manager is there to proactively help you manage performance and quality and is trained in everything your employee is to be your resource on the ground.

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